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Big Guns: The Langston Collection

Space is the Place

A Young Adult Science Fiction Anthology

The discoveries 16-year-old Danny Long makes on Mars will not only change his life, but the course of history as well.

Alone in deep space, young Hilth struggles to make repairs to her ship as an alien robot cuts its way through the hull.

When her young brother wanders past the colony’s defensive perimeter, Miranda ventures out after him, and finds herself in a perilous first contact.

From the dust of the moon to the edge of the galaxy, tales of trials and triumph by Robert J. Mendenhall, William R.D. Wood, H.L. Liptak, Wayland Smith, Jena Rey, Deborah H. Doolittle, Don Raymond, Humphrey Price, and Darren Lipman. Edited by Robert J. Mendenhall.

All profits from this benefit book will be donated to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

CNI Classified

Volume Two

In the years leading up to the Second World War, the fiendish “Sonderstaffel,” the Nazi Special Squadron, uses fringe science, the occult, and the supernatural to create super weapons and monster soldiers in Hitler’s evil quest for world domination. To protect the nation and the world from these unnatural threats is a unique task force made up of highly- skilled military and civilian daredevils, code name: Intrepid.

Seven action-packed adventures from seven “intrepid” authors: Michael A. Black, John C. Bruening, Nancy Hansen, Ray Lovato, Robert J. Mendenhall, Jonathan W. Sweet, and George Tackes.

Code Name: Intrepid. When extraordinary threats require extraordinary measures.

Far Futures Book Two

The first interstellar mission goes horribly wrong; a rookie cop on a far planet in over his head; the world dependent on superheroes who harbor a deadly secret; a planet decimated by global climate changes faces a new Armageddon. Robert J. Mendenhall presents seven possible futures in which those scenarios play out. PLUS: Golden Age science fiction from the masters of their time:

  • Tom Godwin
  • Ed Earl Repp
  • Jules Verne
  • HG Wells

CNI Classified

Volume One

The 1930s. A turbulent and perilous time for America as it faces destruction from a fiendish, shadow organization using fringe science, the occult, and the supernatural in its evil quest for world dominance.

To protect the nation from these unnatural threats, a unique task force consisting of highly-skilled military and civilian daredevils is formed, code name: Intrepid. Because extraordinary threats require extraordinary measures.

CNI Classified. Five action-packed adventures from five “intrepid” authors.

  • Wayne Carey
  • Teel James Glenn
  • Robert J. Mendenhall
  • Charles F. Millhouse
  • Bobby Nash

The nation turns to Intrepid, because extraordinary threats require extraordinary measures.