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Far Futures Book Two

The first interstellar mission goes horribly wrong; a rookie cop on a far planet in over his head; the world dependent on superheroes who harbor a deadly secret; a planet decimated by global climate changes faces a new Armageddon. Robert J. Mendenhall presents seven possible futures in which those scenarios play out. PLUS: Golden Age science fiction from the masters of their time:

  • Tom Godwin
  • Ed Earl Repp
  • Jules Verne
  • HG Wells

CNI Classified Volume One

Volume One

The 1930s. A turbulent and perilous time for America as it faces destruction from a fiendish, shadow organization using fringe science, the occult, and the supernatural in its evil quest for world dominance.

To protect the nation from these unnatural threats, a unique task force consisting of highly-skilled military and civilian daredevils is formed, code name: Intrepid. Because extraordinary threats require extraordinary measures.

CNI Classified. Five action-packed adventures from five “intrepid” authors.

  • Wayne Carey
  • Teel James Glenn
  • Robert J. Mendenhall
  • Charles F. Millhouse
  • Bobby Nash

The nation turns to Intrepid, because extraordinary threats require extraordinary measures.