Submission Guidelines

Blue Planet Press is now open for submissions to Far Futures 3 – An Anthology of Deep Space.

Space exploration. From the outer planets of our solar system to the edge of the Orion Spur and the even more distant Andromeda Galaxy. How will we get there? Generation ships? Faster than light engines? Dimensional warping? Wormholes?

Submissions will involve space travel in some form to deep space. Stories may start or end planet-side, but the bulk of the tale must be in space. Military sci-fi is welcome.

Word count is 6,000-10,000 words. Payment is ½ cent per word to a maximum of $50 payable on acceptance, plus one (1) contributor copy. Blue Planet Press will receive exclusive World Print and Electronic rights and all foreign rights for one (1) year from date of first publication, and non-exclusive thereafter. Author retains rights for audio during the exclusive period.

Simultaneous submissions accepted. No multiple submissions or reprints. Original stories only. Deadline for submissions is midnight (Eastern) June 30, 2024. Submissions must be in standard William Shunn format.

Email submissions to