Code Name: Intrepid

Code Name: Intrepid is a pulp-style action and adventure series written by Robert J. Mendenhall set in the turbulent 1930s about a highly-skilled team of military and civilian daredevils who confront threats to the nation that are of extraordinary or unnatural order. The first CNI story was published in 2014 and since then eight more have seen print and reprint. Now, the team’s adventures are in novel form and in collected anthologies. Sign up for the CNI MISSION BRIEFING, the free, monthly newsletter, and be among the first to receive publication updates, early word of sales promos, and first crack at free giveaways. Rest assured, your privacy is guaranteed–your information will never be sold or shared. Just click on the button below and fill out the short form. When you subscribe, Robert will set you up with a free Intrepid short story, “Rita’s Rage.” Click the button below to sign up.

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