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Robert J. Mendenhall

Robert J. Mendenhall is retired Air Force, a retired police officer, and a former broadcast journalist for the American Forces Network, Europe. A member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, Short Mystery Fiction Society, and International Association of Media Tie-in Writers, he writes across genres including science fiction, adventure, crime and suspense, and the occasional horror. Visit his website:, or find him on Facebook at, on Twitter at, or Instagram at You can also reach him by email at

Claire Jennings

Claire Jennings worked as a crime analyst with a state police drug task force and sex offender team. After twelve years, Claire chose a different career path as a mental health therapist, working in a psychiatric hospital, several community mental health centers, and in private practice. She also volunteered for a Critical Incident Response Team to aid police, fire, and medical personal after a traumatic incident. Her deep passion for rescuing dogs and cats (and the occasional earthworm after a thunderstorm) led Claire to pursue Canine Search & Rescue, where she and her rescued bloodhound, Jake, worked with local law enforcement searching for missing persons. Claire grew up in Georgia and now resides in Michigan with her husband, a fellow writer. And multiple cats and dogs. Visit her website:, or reach her by email at


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